Rebel leader, Founder of GLF






Ken (brother)

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Abe is the leader of GLF and Ken's older brother. He loves training and guiding the GLF members and humiliating Ken. He is a raccoon full of passion for physical practice and battle against Evil. Abe has a team of four Coco, Madman, himself, and Nigel against his evil brother, Ken, and his team of three himself, Zitzy, and No-neck. He has a hard time relaxing because he is always making plans and layouts to strike back at his brother. Coco is the flying squirrel engineer who builds all the inventions, Madman is the crazy eccentric skunk, and Nigel is the kind hearted but dull mutated mole. He's probably in a relationship with Coco the squirrel, because their the only sensible one's of the team, but Zitzy seems to have a huge crush on her and Nigel might have a minor one. He has a medallion from his mother and when he and Ken battled as kids Abe would always win it. In one episode Ken won the medallion but Abe gave him a chocolate one so he never ever got it.

Background StoryEdit

Abe is Ken's older brother. When he & Ken were young, they used to compete to all kinds of activities and Abe was usually, if not always, the winner. He was mamma's boy.

He may haven't been a good student as he admits on Behind The Garbage, but his dream to fight against Evil, his strategic knowledge and his physical skills allowed him to become the leader of GLF, a team who fights against Ken's dictatory and humiliates him whenever they can.

Unlike Ken, Abe does not inform us a lot about his past. We are unaware about his past jobs, allies or actions. We only know that he formed GLF with him and, probably, Nigel as the first members. Not long after, Abe talked Coco into joining the team and betraying Ken. Last but not least, Madman joined the GLF as the last member.

Abe is the proud, current leader of the GLF.


Abe is very serious when it comes to work and battle against Ken. He is always hyper, ready for a mission. He spends most of his time training with the GLF members. Like Ken, Abe also has dreams of a leader. He loves leading the GLF and saving the day. That way, he can be characterized as a very helpful and brave raccoon.


  • Abe is characterized as a classic fighter and leader against Evil.
  • Raccoons are widely popular in Canada.
  • Abe and Ken's name's are probably Kenneth and Abraham but were never revealed.