Coco is a flying squirrel. She works as a scientist and inventor in GLF's lab and joins their missions. She used to work for Ken, but betrayed him and joined Abe's Force. Coco and Abe seem to be in a relatio
nship because their the only sensible one's out of the four and tend to fall slightly for each other. She is second in command of Abe the brave raccoon, Madman the crazy and eccentric skunk, and Nigel the kind hearted, dull, mutated mole. On Ken's side Zitzy the high-pitched scientist possum seems to have a major crush on Coco and Nigel could have a minor one. Coco is super stressed and cracks under pressure. All she wants is a little relaxation that never happens. Coco has a very understanding relationship with Abe, a friendly one with Nigel, and rarely interacts with Madman.

Background StoryEdit

Coco's life before she meets Ken & Abe is unknown. At first, Coco had joined Ken's Dictatorical Force as his inventor & scientist.

When Penelope, the pink flamingo scepter, however, joined Ken, Coco noticed the influence she has on Ken's behaviour and character, so she betrayed him and joined Abe.

She's currently working for the GLF as a lab inventor.


Coco is a very clever & friendly squirrel. She can be humourous, but she's very serious when it comes to work. She can also be stressed and antsy. She loves to relax but the team always gets in the way. She appears to be in a relationship or at least has a mutual attraction with Abe. She's good at inventing weapons and loves science.


  • Squirrels are known as evil creatures in other cartoons as well. This has to do with Coco being evil in the past.
  • Coco is much like a smart version of Pasadena O'Possum from Crash Tag Team Racing.