Nigel is a mutated powder blue mole and is part of Abe's GLF. He works with and is friends with his best friens
Madman the skunk, Coco the squirrel, and Abe the raccoon. Nigel is strong, large, and slow witted. He is best friends with Madman probably because Madman is crazy and weird. Coco rarely interacts with Madman and sometimes Nigel, but Nigel is nice and polite to Coco, implying he might have a crush on her. Even though enemy Zitzy has a major crush on her and Abe's in a relationship with her. Nigel's also a slow runner and has a deep lethargic voice. Nigel and his team fight against Abe's brother Ken, his scientist Zitzy th possum, and No-neck the soldier who resembles much of Nigel. Nigel's always smiling mostly because he's confused. Nigel also began working at a cardboard burrito stand he mad up making bad jokes at the customers who seem to love it too much. Nigel enjoys their attention.


  • Abe's team's rival No-neck resembles a lot of Nigel.