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Colonel of Ken's TRA





No-Neck is a rat and a colonel in Ken 's GLF army and is Ken's right hand ver-man. No-Neck is very strong but not talkative. No-Neck works with Ken the raccoon and Zitzy

the possum. He refers to  Ken as confidant.  He's against  Abe, Ken's good brother, Coco the squirrel, Madman the skunk, and Nigel the mole. He is an equivalent to Nigel and are both brawn. He and Nigel get along well talking and laughing occasionally. No-neck runs a tight shift but also practices hobbies such as singing karaoke, playing the harp, and collecting coctail umbrellas.

In An Acorn To Far, Ken and Abe and both of their armies were competing to have Ken and Abe's mother's Medallion. Ken ended up winning except Abe gave him a chocolate coin instead.

In Raiders of the Lost Kazoo, after Zitzy's Papaya Bomb went off, Abe's GLF army. A rat or mole named Hans came in and told them that they have won and Ken's lair and their base would be demolished. Coco was still very suspicious. Zitzy and No-neck were trapped in a hole in the wall to prove they lost. The GLF receives a key to the city from a female raccoon. Coco goes back and realizes this isn't right. Ken, Zitzy, and No-neck were in a control room watching them through serveillance cameras.  Zitzy had created an ultra-realistic replica of the city in the sewer. And he created robots of the citizens and of Zitzy and No-neck. Coco goes back to the base that is no longer there. Abe tells her they probably built over it and Coco agrees. No-neck gets annoyed with watching Madman's rubber pig Gustav's magic shows. Coco accepts that there's nothing wrong but leaps off a building and breaks off a hole in the sky. Ken and his army capture her and trap her in a chair with things to hold the wrists down.